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Stockpiles of ash and minerals gleamed under the star-filled night as the only remnants of Dresden,  a bustling town that had been incinerated in a firestorm […] -Jacilia Lin, 10th Grader: Book Review

Since the late 1800’s, the debate on the differently interpreted dichotomy and attributes of the civilized and the savage has been widely discussed. Many […] -Andre Yeu, 9th Grade: Darwinian Culture

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Student Writing Web Publications

Every month, we provide our students with opportunities to publish their writing on our blog to earn recognition and spread their views/styles. Our blog has garnered hundreds of thousands of unique visitors nation-wide

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Local Writing Classes & School Workshops

With weekly programs at the public library, advisory classes at Dana Middle School, and previous programs in surrounding facilities, uScribe has impacted over 250 students in the Arcadia Unified School District. Genres covered include news reporting, persuasive essays, poetry, and fiction.


1-On-1 Journalism Mentorship

In addition to local writing classes, uScribe offers 1-on-1 mentorship with elementary and middle school students on growing their writing experience and gaining leadership/planning skills through managing internal affairs and operations.


About us

uScribe is a non-profit organization that aims to reshape creative writing and journalism education among elementary and middle school students. The organization is centralized on two main tracks, student publications and student-led writing classes. Over 250 students ranging from grades 4-10 have participated in uScribe-sponsored writing programs at Dana Middle School, First Avenue Middle School, and the Arcadia Public Library, where classes are taught up to five times each week. Classes specialize in series of focuses including creative writing, fiction, argumentative essays, literary analysis, poetry, and communication. In addition, over 280 pieces of student writing have been featured on our website. uScribe leverages its website platform to showcase beginning writers and journalists who are striving to improve their writing skills and gain recognition for their progress.


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