Community Outreach Writing Programs

With writing programs at various libraries in surrounding communities, uScribe has impacted over 250 students in the Arcadia Unified School District. Throughout month long programs, students age 8-11 meet once a week and are taught various aspects of writing genres through interactive and fun activities. At the end of the month, students work on a final project and create their very own short story. New work and highlights from programs are featured on this page every month.

Summer Script Writing Program 7/29-8/2

Program Description

The summer script writing program was intended to empower and teach students the power of screenplay through the basics such as plot and character development. uScribe’s student leaders worked closely with a small group of eager pupils in order to craft their own scripts by the end of the week. Day 1 featured the introduction of the foundational aspects of script writing such as the importance of genres. The second day brought more ideas and actual writing done by the students with guidance from their team leaders. Wednesday saw the final polishing of scripts and a group vote on which two plays the students would like produce. The final videos were shoot on Day Four and shown on Friday to our students and their parents. By the end of the week, the students gained a basic grasp on crafting a script and, hopefully, a new passion for writing!

The 6 Elements (Script #1)

Coraline Saves Jungle City (Script #2)

Journey to Treasure Island (Script #3)

The Neicadia Attack (Script #4)

I personally loved the program! I enjoyed it so much because I got the chance to express my creative ideas when we were brainstorming for the script, meet new people, and all of the uScribe leaders were so friendly!
- Anonymous