One of uScribe’s mission is to allow it’s students the unique opportunity to publish their work online. Allowing for student’s work to be published online has always been a core principle of uScribe, to empower it’s students with the ability to showcase their writing skills and unique voices onto a online platform viewed by hundreds of users everyday. The publication process requires submitting an original piece of work, peer revision through our team of editors, and creation of multiple drafts until they meet a standard of quality. The articles presented below are the best articles handpicked by our editors and are all the work of students in the Fiction Genre.


The Car Crash

“BOOM.” I was momentarily petrified at the shriek of the gargantuan beast that had collided into the rear of my car. The sound of crunching metal and shattering glass surrounded my stiff body. My stomach lurched as I was instantaneously thrown forward like a lifeless doll...

Elaine Lu, 7th Grader || 11.18.18


The Life Of A Dollar Bill (A Short Story)

When I was born, they told me that I was worthless. That there were billions just like me out there, that I was nothing. They said, “Francis, you’ll never stand out.” I was literally, just a dollar bill. I was born in Washington D.C. right in the midst of a group of thugs. They covered my body in ink, to the point where I could barely see my own skin…

Tanya Lee, 8th Grader || 11.15.18


Heart Of A Disease

One hundred million views were sought on the tragic ape species plague and epidemic video on the internet. Humans from all over the world felt sympathy aching in their hearts and a strange nature-like connection. It was a controversial dispute however, government foundations found the cause unworthy of donating to and citizens and animal organizations through riots and uprisings…

Jacilia Lin, 10th Grader || 11.4.18


Death Is A Silent Spark

I desperately banged on the door, crying out my mother’s name, “Mother, Mother!” The cramped room seemed to be alive, stealing and corrupting the air around me. I grasped my throat, gulping in every breath I can take. I blacked out...

Ram Beri, 8th Grader || 10.27.18


A Kingdom’s Fall

After hours of agony, Queen Otta gave birth to George, the prince of Anele. Joyous, King Jeffery stormed across the kingdom, clamoring, “The prince has arrived!” As the kingdom rumbled, Queen Otta held her child close to her chest, hovering it over her thighs. She unveiled her baby’s cloth in anguish as she noticed the prince’s blue crystal eyes…

Roger Lin, 9th Grader || 10.23.18


Blur (A Short Story)

It was late at night. The bar had just kicked out the stragglers. Being my drunk self, I thought driving home was an excellent idea. I walked to my car, swaying with the wind, laughing at myself. I had just gone through a breakup and I decided that drinking would solve all my problems...

Joanne Wong, 8th Grader || 10.17.18


A Family Forever?

“Daddy, where are we going?” a young girl asked her father. The father never answered and kept quiet while the girl plastered a wide grin. Her eyes sparkling in the bright sun and her sundress flowing in the breeze.  Her mother had died a few months ago,since the girl was so young, she never understood the concept of death…

Jacqueline Lu, 12th Grader || 10.12.18


Floating Away

He was gone. Forever. How could he? How could he leave me like this, in agony? How was it that only he died by that car, and not me? Why isn’t it him on this hospital bed, and me floating away? Why?

Conner Ching, 11th Grader || 10.9.18



I crept up behind a tree, readying my bow to shoot any deer on sight. I went behind the tree to find the deer I was following. Stealthily, I walked around the tree to get a clearer shot. Just about when I was going to release the string, the sight of smoke and fire bursting out through the forest illuminated the sky. The fire quickly spread throughout the trees...

Samantha Wang, 8th Grade || 10.1.18


The Secret War

The boy sat in the school’s cramped janitor’s closet, on the verge of tears as the big, muscular bullies outside yelled and teased at him. Suddenly, the bullies went silent and the scared boy heard rapid footsteps fading away. The door opened and a flood of brightness washed in. The janitor was standing in the doorway...

Kevin Liu, 12th Grader || 9.25.18


The First Case

Upon arrival to the crime scene, Officer Jonathan Schmidt contemplated the lone dead body lying in a grassy field. My first crime scene and I become a homicide expert firsthand, he thought grimly; Blood, guts, and donuts, the life of a police officer…

Stanley Liu, 9th Grader || 9.16.18


Camp Of The Immortal

An old woman of about seventy years old sat on her rocking chair outside on her porch of her aged house in New Orleans, Louisiana.  A young teen of thirteen years old looked to the river, a slight breeze blowing his short hair around. The boy held a young golden tabby tiger cub in his arms, as it purred softly with each stroke.

Joshua Hu, 8th Grader || 9.12.18


The Cave Of Destiny

Eleanor’s smile dropped a little when she saw the insignificant maid, but she said, “No. Pack my bags and get my carriage ready. You will accompany me to the Cave of Destiny at the edge of the Town of Gnawnia, where I will get richer beyond my wildest dreams...

Alex Xu, 11th Grader || 9.6.18