Heart Of A Disease

Jacilia Lin, 10th Grader || 11.4.18


     One hundred million views were sought on the tragic ape species plague and epidemic video on the internet. Humans from all over the world felt sympathy aching in their hearts and a strange nature-like connection. It was a controversial dispute however, government foundations found the cause unworthy of donating to and citizens and animal organizations through riots and uprisings. “It’s simple!” Scientists say, “We have to give the world hope that we can help these animals by proving that we can; chain reactions will eventually fall through and the disease will cease from spreading.” There was no doubt the disease was jumping from animal to animal and species to species. The disease first entered the veins very easily being breathed in by the body, and went toward the heart where it fought the left and right atriums and ventricles for days with the body until it prevailed. The disease was stronger than ever, and it was very rare to live to speak about the experience. Officials  were not concerned, they themselves concluded that this case would never affect human beings and would die down sooner or later. But it did not; the first victims were southern Asians who received the disease from spending close attention to various species of monkeys, and later another case was found in Africa, Brazil, everywhere.

     A group of biologists that had invented many cures for diseases and spent years studying animals took their efforts and interrupted all of their DNA studies. Scientist Connor, the lead scientist that was world famous for his DNA work spent day and night writing and experimenting books of formulas for the disease. He ripped his hair out, and became burning with feverish determination. But eventually he found the cure; a simple chemical solution with a heart transplant. The chemical solution attracted the disease away from the heart and when the virus was close; it struck with force and washed the disease out of the body. The disease also left the heart infected, so no matter how strong the chemicals were a heart transplant was necessary.

     He presented his idea to his other fellow scientists and they told him to gather government officials together to inform them about the cure. Connor was certain that once the officials were satisfied with the cure, they would distribute it among their citizens right away. He scheduled a big conference with famous scientists from all throughout the world and also leaders and representatives from each country of the world. He discussed all the formulas he had discovered, he had failed with, and the various ways he closely studied the disease. Their faces broke into cheers and widened white smiles, but when he stated his solution to the problem, their faces broke into silent shrieks. They added that they would not believe him without a demonstration and government officials shook their heads in disbelief. Some bellowed, “This cure will never benefit our citizens, it will just postpone the inevitable!” He lay awestruck for a few minutes. Tears fell down his cheeks, “If you are not to believe me, my demonstration will prove to leave many in great anguish. Take my heart and use it to save lives; I swear that this will work. This system of government consists of fools, take my heart, I’m saying; believe me and you will not regret it!” With that he took a knife and cut out his heart, he cupped it in his hands for a moment and slowly closed his eyelids.