Blur (A Short Story)

Joanne Wong, 8th Grader || 10.17.18


     It was late at night. The bar had just kicked out the stragglers. Being my drunk self, I thought driving home was an excellent idea. I walked to my car, swaying with the wind, laughing at myself. I had just gone through a breakup and I decided that drinking would solve all my problems. Now I was laughing like a madman for the whole world to see. I clumsily grasped at the car door handle, pinching my hand between the handle in the process. Stumbling into the car, I shoved my hand in my pocket, sloppily fishing for my keys. I pushed the ignition button, wondering why I had taken out my keys. The engine started up with a loud rumble that shook me awake. I backed out of the parking lot, crashing into a sign on the way. The roads and streets all blurred together as I constantly fell asleep and woke back up. As I felt eyelids droop, my hands went limp and I swerved into the next lane. A truck horn blared from in front of me. Bright headlights shone through my closed eyes as a jolt resonated throughout my body. The world went spinning as shards of glass flew everywhere. Slowly opening my eyes, I felt the blood flow to my head before I was aware that the car had landed on its hood. I felt blood trickling down my arms and hands, filling the car with a metallic smell. The glass lodged into my chest was unnoticable as the adrenaline and alcohol streamed through my body, numbing all feelings. I heard distant shouts as my body exerted the last of its energy and fell into a dreamless unconsciousness.