A Family Forever?

Jacqueline Lu, 12th Grader || 10.12.18


Daddy, where are we going?” a young girl asked her father.

      The father never answered and kept quiet while the girl plastered a wide grin. Her eyes sparkling in the bright sun and her sundress flowing in the breeze.  Her mother had died a few months ago,since the girl was so young, she never understood the concept of death. As the father’s foot eased the brake pedal on his metallic green car, the girl noticed they were in an empty lot besides one gray truck. The father was growing gray hair and already wore wrinkles. He opened his leather glasses case and placed his thick-rimmed glasses on his nose. He opened the car door and walked over to his daughter. She smiled at him with her two front teeth missing. He grinned back a fake smile. In his heart, he was breaking apart. If she wasn’t so naive, she would noticed his sad eyes behind his glasses. His wrinkled eyes were filled with tears, but he quickly blinked them away. He held his daughter’s hand tightly and went to the car’s dashboard . He emerged with his daughter in his left hand and a file in his right hand.

     The man from the truck glanced upon the father and his daughter. The unknown man hopped out of his truck and walked over to the father. The man was shorter than her father, but looked much more stronger. His eyebrows almost met at the center of his forehead. His eyes gave a cold glare at the father and glanced at the girl. The eyes were filled with hatred, but were covered by the dark brown iris.The father was unwavering about his decision, but he knew it was best for his daughter. His wrinkled hand quivered as he gave the man a manilla folder. The daughter looked up at her father looking quite puzzled. Her father put both hands on his only daughter. He looked at her face, smiling. He noticed all her cute, petite features. Her big, brown eyes widened at her father. The breeze blew her dark brown hair to the side.

     He clenched her shoulders and handed her away. The father turned his back and walked slowly as he could. As her father became distant, she screamed for him. Her eyes already watering. She ran as fast as she could, but her father already started the car. He never looked back, afraid to regret his decision. The man grasped the young girl and put her in the back seat. She kept screaming and yelling for her father to come back. She sobbed loudly and cried herself to sleep in the car.

     She awoke next morning with puffy pink eyes. She had cried inside her sleep. She smiled thinking it was just a nightmare. Her vision cleared up and saw that she was no longer in her own home. She looked around and saw an old woman grinning at her. Her father was coming back for her she thought. She sobbed loudly and cried in a corner. She didn’t know these people;because, she only knew her father and her brother. Where was her brother? Did her father not want his daughter?

     The next month went by and she continued her days crying in a corner. The strange people inside the house gave her food and beverage. The doorbell rang and she hugged her knees even closer. She noticed who was at the door. Her own brother. Her brother had bags under his eyes and a birthmark on the side of his cheek. He was triple the size of his younger sister. His hand patted her head and his wide toothy grin shone. She ran to hug him and cried. Why did my father abandoned my brother and I? Was I that horrible of a daughter? A man appeared from the concrete doorway.

“Daddy, You’re back! Let’s go home daddy.” She tugged on his faded plaid shirt.

     Her father talked to the man who had taken her to this “home”. Without a glance at his daughter, he walked off to his car.

     She fell to her knees and sobbed. Her dad had really abandoned her. In her short childhood, she had lost both of her biological parents and lived with her uncle. She never accepted her new life, but only lived it. She still believed that her dad would come any day and take her home. After three years, her father never came back for her. She waited each day at the door hoping to find him. She stilled excelled at school hoping to make her father proud whenever he came back. At the fifth year of waiting, she was told what had really happened to her father. Her father had contracted cancer and his time was coming nearer. He isolated himself from his daughter because he didn’t want to see his daughter suffer. Cancer had took both of her parents.

     As she grew up to be a young woman, her feelings were disguised with a smile. She seemed like a jubilant child who loved life, but inside she wanted to break down and sob to her heart’s content. The words mother and father meant nothing to her, but words. Every joke about “Your mom/mama..” made her cringe and every mother’s and father’s day would only be an ordinary day. She began to live her life envying her friends, who had fathers and mothers that could take care of them. Her eyes seemed to be happy, but inside was a different story. Her eyes showed fear, sorrow, grief, and envy.

     Seven years had passed by. She was now a young teenager learning about how to get ready for the world. Her brother stilled lived with her at the age of twenty-three. She didn’t besides having her own kin was quite comforting. She was sleeping soundly one-night when a noise woke her up from her candy-cane dreams. It was her uncle or her legal guardian. “Get out” was the words she feared. Her eyes widened, she sat up from her bed and listened intently. She heard a door slam and keys jingle. A tear rolled down her face without her consent. She quickly wiped it away and hoped it was just a little quarrel.

     The next morning, she woke up to see her brother with bags under his eyes. He looked at his little sister and told her to walk to school from now on. She dressed in her gray hoodie and gray jeans. Her footsteps were slow and steady as she walked toward her school. She was so worried about her brother, what would happen to him?

     When she came home, she saw her brother’s car gone and his room empty. She was terrified. Her whole family left her in this “home”. Her brother had left, her mother and father left this world. How could she continue with her life? Her eyes were quickly masked with a dull look and her wardrobe exploded with gray and lavender clothing. She always gave a weak smile to her closest friends. She knew she would never be that bubbly little girl again.