Floating Away

Conner Ching, 11th Grader || 10.9.18


He was gone. Forever.

How could he? How could he leave me like this, in agony? How was it that only he died by that car, and not me? Why isn’t it him on this hospital bed, and me floating away? Why?

This wasn’t fair. No, this wasn’t just not being fair to me. It was being cruel to me. You can’t just go and leave me like that. You can’t. It’s too cruel. It’s too cruel to be true.

That’s right. It isn’t true. None of this is true. I must be having one of my odd fantasies again, going off into some tragic movie. That’s probably it. None of this is true. The car crash, me in the hospital, him bloody on the road. Not true. Not true!

Ha! Some sibling of mine decided to place a joke on me again. Using that old technique of whispering a story into someone’s ear while they’re sleeping. Psh, they know that I know better than that. He wasn’t gone. This was a joke.

Still, I wish that one of them would wake me up. I don’t want to be in this pain forever. A lot of the pain was up in my head, but there was something unbearable going inside my heart.

Cruel. That’s what my adopted siblings were. Why couldn’t they just wake me out of this dream? I wanted to see him again, my dearest brother.

She’s starting to fade, sir. I’m afraid that she’ll either remain...

What? Who was talking? It wasn’t Jo, or Sunny. It wasn’t any of the new orphanage kids that came recently either.

“You can pull the life support … Are you sure?”

Who was talking? Someone was taking this prank to a whole new level. Well, my siblings are pretty smart. Of course they would go and record a doctor from the T.V. with some sobbing voices in the background.

Sir, the plug’s out. She’ll be away from you in a couple of moments... Yes, I’m sure. She’s in a better place.

Gosh, what a cliche sounding recording. Next thing you know, the recording will have probably gone on too long, and they’re going to exclaim, “Hooray! She’s up from the coma. It’s miraculous!”

But wow, maybe they studied psychology or something, but I can see him now. The one who saved me from the dirty streets.

My dearest, dearest, brother. My dearest brother. My de...