Samantha Wang, 8th Grade || 10.1.18


        I crept up behind a tree, readying my bow to shoot any deer on sight. I went behind the tree to find the deer I was following. Stealthily, I walked around the tree to get a clearer shot. Just about when I was going to release the string, I smelled smoke and fire bursting out through the forest. The fire quickly spread throughout the trees; the deer decided to run away while I stayed there in shock. The blaze soon spread around me giving me no choice to path to run to. I woke up in a sudden surge, and then I realized there was a fire in my house! I got up and grabbed my steel sword and burst out of my house to find my village being raided. They had gone through the north side of the village and were cornering us to the river. “Ay son of Armasee retreat back to Yenato’s house.” I heard from the back. I turned around and ran away from the soldiers. On the way to Yenato’s house I heard screaming from a house nearby, I paused and decided what to do. I found myself going in the house and saving an 8 year old boy, as I reached outside with the boy a sword was swung at me near the doorway. I avoided it by ducking, but as soon as I dodged it another sword was swung. Reflexes took over and I parried the blow with my sword. “Go to Yenato’s house!” I ordered as I pushed the sword back. The little boy ran while I was stuck clashing swords with this man. With the sound of clinging with our swords the army soon advanced and then I saw a line of people with no sword but a staff. The man I was fighting was fairly even with me for I couldn’t strike him out. At one point I pushed him back and then I twirled around him to kick giving me a chance to run away. As I ran away I started to feel a strange flow of energy coming from behind me, when I looked back there was a fiery rock about 10 feet away from me about to impact the ground. I doubled my sprinting, but was too slow. As the boulder reached down into the earth its explosion sent me flying up into a house landing on the roof; then breaking it on to the hard cold floor.

         I was awoken with the sound of horses and gravel being crunched up. I thought I was in my house for a second or two then my mind cleared up and I remembered the incident. “Ay boy get up come help me ere.” A man about 5”8 tall with big muscles, had a face of a middle aged man, with a beard connected to his black messy hair. “Come on boy, we don’t need to waste the time,” he said again. I got up and out of the wagon and outside, the land was like a stranger to me, to the west there was a display of mountains. and around plain land until you could not see through the morning fog. “Where are we?” I asked in a raspy voice.

“We’re on the road to Randpars and once we get there we’re going to drop you off.”

“Wait what happened to the village” I asked

        “Your village was destroyed, everyone is dead or captured, except you and we found you while trying to gather the remaining supplies.” he answered. I paused for a whole minute trying to think through what he had told me. “I’m Glarer by the way, and...?” he paused. “I’m Josh,” I finished. He introduced me to his wife, Yarla with a corrosive smile. Yarla was about 10 inches shorter than her husband, Her eyes like the blue ocean, skin tan as if she sat at the sun.(Wow I need to get out more), black hair reaching to her waist, and also she was pregnant. “Do you have any family?” She asked, I thought of a response, which had frightened me with the past. Five years ago, when I was ten I realized that my parents were slaves of the king.

        During the war my mom and dad swore their oath to the king that they would never leave his side and after the war he took advantage of it; they swore through magic. I was just told by a traveler during my work as a blacksmith. “My parents are still alive, but they are soldiers of the kingdom.” There was a long silence for a minute it. “Well, I’m sorry.” Yarla finally says. “What about you two there seems to be only Glarer and you on the camp. The soldiers that attacked you, also attacked us, there were three other families one of them were captured and the other one dead.” We then headed away from the camp. We wandered around the forest for a moment “Hey, we should make you a weapon, here go find a branch that can bend enough into a bow,” He ordered, “Okay,” I  nodded “I will get ready the string back at camp.” I started to notice the orange bright light of the sun, it was sundown. I started to head back with my branch until I noticed laughing and talking up ahead. I hid behind a tree dropped all my stick I was going to use for my bow. “Hey knock it off don’t bully the little feller.” one of the soldiers said. “Okay okay, well we better be off sleeping we’ll be walking all day and night tomorrow” said a soldier as a few soldiers moaned. I waited until they settled down and the fire calmed down to a pile of ashes and then tiptoed my way into their camp. Beside a soldier was a steel sword reflecting off the orange sunlight flashing my eyes. I hugged the ground hoping if anyone wakes up they’ll think I’m one of them. I slowly grabbed his sword with stealth like abilities; I almost laughed how easy it was to steal from a king’s soldiers. I crawled away from the camp and put the sword onto my belt, while I was looking at my sword, something grabbed my attention on the sword’s reflection. The figure body was watching over me from the trees as if it was stalking me for hours. I paused with fear, the man raised his arms making a getting-to-shoot-bow-position which made me panic. I ran the opposite direction of the man, stumbling on everything in my way. As I made a run for it the soldiers woke up in confusion and the man on the tree jumped down. “We have a thief on our hands boys, Lets get em!” yelled a soldier from a camp. The soldiers were advancing me very quickly as I ran away from them. For 6 minutes I ran without stopping and the soldiers were still after me which was surprising considering that there wearing heavy suits made of steel. After then I made my way to a stream and tripped on a rock cutting myself on a edgy glowing blue ore. When I got up, the ore was glowing as if it was ready to burst open, a faint whisper in my mind told me to pick it up.  I reached down to snatch the piece of rock, but as soon as I grabbed it, the rock felt as if it turned into lava. I dropped the rock into a stream and it started to sizzle out smoke and when I grabbed it again it was still hot, like touching the ground during the hot day. Well, I’m probably going to die in the next few days so I might as well take it. I thought as I ran off with the stone. The soldiers were still chasing me; I heard the clinging of the swords on their armor. After a couple more minutes of running my legs gave out and my throat was as dry as a desert, I didn't hear any of the clinging anymore. I collapsed on the ground and looked up at the stars. The rock on my hand was glowing warm heartedly and then I blacked out.