The Key Components of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Success

Jacilia Lin, 8th Grader || 9.08.18


Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain of the Portuguese National football (soccer) team and the well-known start of Spanish famous football club Real Madrid; many consider him the bet footballer on the planet.

     Sometimes I would watch as the breathtaking football player shot the ball whizzing through the air blasted off like a rocket at light speed and spinning uncontrollably giving the goalie nightmares and the ball would literally destroy the goal. The audience would jump in the air creating the celebration that could be heard miles away and in everyone’s mind was the thought, “What makes that player possible to achieve such success and legendary ability?” In 1885 a young highly talented footballer was introduced to a world of football (soccer) he was destined to conquer with his incredible speed, unimaginable mental and strategic ability, and admirable courage. It not difficult to just watch one of the exceptionally and brilliantly scored goals and not realize why he was honored at one point of his life the rightfully-deserved ranking as the best footballer the world has ever seen. Many wanted this path for the talented and astonishing football strategist and provided assistance in reaching the inevitable, but he wanted it more than ever and more than anyone.

     Component #1: He is able to establish greater strength even when he has none to challenge him. He battled through his discomforts and life in poverty, and eventually became powerful with his courage and exemplary ability to perform and soon no one could match his level of skill. His ability on the field is constantly distinct and recognizable. Every game is not a battle with the opposing team, but a battle to control and strengthen the fire within him that plays with extraordinary excellence and breaks the laws of football. He knows if he really believes he can be the best and of course his skill has become too legendary and incredible for other rival footballers to keep up. Each football game he plays is now battle with himself. Until he can take the game to his own control, he goes into civil war with himself and grows stronger every loss and mistake he takes. That skill in which he has mastered has led to his inconceivable record of the most goals in his Spanish league and his several honors such as FIFA world player of the Year, the European Golden Boot, and the World Cup Golden Ball; highly honorable awards that many talented football stars struggle to ever get a chance to achieve and reach them. There are few who can challenge the football god, yet he has mastered and created a skill to distinguish himself as his own challenger and by that increase his skill and motivation step by step leading to limitless potential and limitless skill improvement.

     Component #2: Dynamic Body Complexion and Agility: Cristiano Ronaldo is not the perfect sprinter compared to champion sprinters around the world, but his agility is what gives him the edge and advantages he needs to tip the game to his advantage. According the Castrol Edge’s scientific 3D precision body examiner, the facts and observations are incredibly astonishing and surprising to even Ronaldo himself. His height his over 6 foot and his muscular exterior is even more superhuman-like. With 3% less body fat than a supermodel, his thigh and calf muscles distinguished especially with the rest of his body are lean and well defined in strength. His physical features have been multiplied by the years and are contributing major factors to Ronaldo’s admirable performances. He has well defined extended legs suitable for long distance duration on the field as well as powerful sprinting techniques, distinguished musculature beneficial in enduring hardships on the field and necessary to his performances on the field, and the legendary calf and thigh muscles of a long jumper. What’s interesting is that many of his capabilities depend on these body dimensions and he possesses all of these attributes. His body strength has improved and doubled in recent years not to mention his jumping abilities have gone from 40% to nearly 60%. His agility with these entire significant body complexion dynamics are key factors to his unbelievable performances.

     Component 3: Mental Strategies and Power Kicks: Ronaldo’s physical components play a vital role in his performances, but just how much of it depends on his mental abilities? Analysis from Ronaldo’s thinking and sighting in the game have proven that a key strategy enables Ronaldo to accurately predict and find the key flaws to maneuvering around his opponents and playing a mindful of tricks up his sleeve. According to many examinations, Ronaldo rarely looks at the ball while playing, but instead establishes sight on his opponent’s body movement and possible predictions in how the body is established eventually finding a flaw and out-playing the hopeless defender. These intelligent tricks and strategies make it almost entirely impossible for the defender to read his quick movements and predict Ronaldo’s next move while keeping eye on all his deadly tricks.  The second part of his technique is his unstoppable, unpredictable, and fatal kick that can leave almost any goalie in the world full of confusion and awe. His most devastating kick is his un-friendly and fearful power kick. What’s fascinating is that he implies a technique to shoot it up past the defensive line and curve downwards, but bend out of its normal trajectory and leave the goalie to only see the ball at the last second. How this happens is an incredible and unbelievable explanation. Ronaldo hits the ball off the center of mass generating spin to the ball and eventually it will veer toward low pressure and bend away from its normal trajectory and hopefully into the goal.

     Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers not just in his home country, but in the world. To achieve this, he has legendary mental strategies and physical components as well as professional technique and incredible skill. He carries all of these attributes and has mastered above all of them. This is what gives him the edge and capabilities to accelerate through so many players and rivals. The determination brings him to the highest level of a football god and if he puts his mind to it, he will be able to alter even the laws of football (soccer) itself.