Fighting Obesity in Schools

Anonymous || 11.12.18


What is one of the most emerging health issues that plagues the modern world today? You guessed it, obesity. A rising problem in our country is that the obesity rate is rapidly climbing, especially amongst the children in school . These people develop unhealthy eating habits in school and cannot resort to other food options when it comes to making healthier choices for their diets. With the substandard and unhealthy quality of food offered at public school cafeterias, the government needs to start enforcing more appetizing and healthier food choices in order to decrease childhood obesity and increase social statuses for students in the future.

This problem involving obesity is somewhat related to the food habits of children and is developed from the eating habits that they pick up at school. Many students do not have a choice whether to eat the food or not. The children are hungry and will eat anything that they can get their hands on. The government needs to start putting enticing, yet healthy, foods in our public schools. Also, the quality of food put in our public schools is very poor. We all know that fast-food hamburgers are unhealthy, but who could imagine that hamburger could be made with higher-quality meat than what the students are getting in our schools?

The government needs to start putting healthier foods in California's public school because the incidence of childhood obesity keeps increasing every year. Sixty percent of all Americans are overweight or obese. If they keep eating the unhealthy foods they can develop many health issues that can hurt them. Students can get health problems that include heart disease and stroke,high blood pressure,diabetes, and cancer. Doctors agree that an unhealthy person is more likely to have serious health issues. The school must help the children eat healthy so they do not develop bad eating habits that can hurt them in the future.

To stop these children from developing bad habits and getting health issues we should make changes in our public schools. It is a proven fact the children are more confident and can focus better when they have good self esteem. All great things start out small. The government should start putting healthier foods in schools in California. Then they should increase the amount of schools with healthy food choices.Obesity lowers the self esteem in kids, which will affect their confidence levels and the chances of being bullied will increase. This can also affect their focus in school and their overall development in school.

Knowing these facts, we can conclude that children must make healthier choices when it comes to their food options and the government must offer them healthier alternatives. Eating healthier foods would decrease our social problems. The chances of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension could be decreased with the simple measure of eating healthy. The quality of food in our public schools is very poor and if can definitely do with some improvement.