The Pencil: The Greatest Invention In Mankind

Scott Phu, 10th Grader || 11.07.18


Perhaps one of the most incredibly important and life-altering invention is the history of the world is the pencil. Pencils are the most important invention invented. Ever. Pencils are the base of all other important inventions and ideas. It provides limitless possibilities of inventions and ideas, and allows people to list their thoughts, write books, short stories, and poems. The pencil was the stepping stone for the creation of the computer, used to think of an idea for a device that would benefit humanity, and make life easier overall.

Inventions were all written down with pencils. Books started out with pencils, then gradually moved on the pen, then the publishers, then the printers, and finally into the readers mind. Our favorite poems and books were originally written with a pencil. Everywhere on earth, pencils are use in school, work, and at home. Pencils are used to write down ideas that form in the people’s minds. It can help people get their ideas out, and turn them into the inventions that everyone uses. The computer, the cell phone, the laptop, the earphone, and the refrigerator all started out as an idea that someone wrote down on a napkin or a piece of paper. Then it turned out to one of the greatest inventions and gadgets of all time.

 Without the pencil, people wouldn’t be able to write anything down. What if you didn’t have a printer connected to your computer and couldn’t print your homework out? That is why we have pencils. Instead of pencils, everyone would either be typing everything or writing with a feather. Yet again, the computer probably wouldn’t even have been invented yet because there was no pencil to draw out the idea. To draw or write down an idea without a pencil means that people would have to use a quill pen. If you mess up with a quill, then you would have to start over since ink can’t erase, only covered with white-out or something. But when it’s covered, it looks funny and informal.

Pencils are like atoms, the basic building blocks of all the important inventions. If we didn’t have the pencil, then we wouldn’t have homework, school, or even the first sighting of what a unicorns look like. The pencil allows you to write down or draw out what you see or think. All inventions big or small come from graphite in a piece of wood.