The Parallels of Being Famous

Anonymous || 11.03.18


Most inspiring young people dream of the luxuries of being famous. Seeing the flashing cameras as they strut the runway of the red carpet, and reading the endless news articles about them is a fantasy for all. You might think that being famous means you're rich and have a lot of fans. Haven't you ever thought about what you become after you achieve fame? People should be influenced to live a life where you enjoy your job and you're good at it. This rule should apply in the future- even if your face doesn't appear on Entertainment Weekly. I wouldn't want fame because famous people are under a lot of pressure on how they perform, whom they marry, what they wear, and basically, their private and social life.

Some may argue that you only live once and should spend it as an admired artist. However, fact is that famous stars often die young due to pressure and deadly addictions. Others say that, without famous people, citizens will have no entertainment. There should be some talented stars to look up to, but others need to support the necessary industrial jobs that balance the economy. Even though famous people make up an important part of America's society, people should focus on their priority of living a moderate and healthy life.

       One reason why I wouldn't want fame is that famous people have no privacy. For example, when you become a busy parent, wouldn't you like to have a relaxing day spent with just your family? Isn't that what kids wish for the future- a day without school and just your favorite things? If you become a national star, you won't have those quiet private times. The paparazzi will find some way to sneak in your mansion and take pictures. Before you know it, tomorrow's magazine headline will say Famous actress shows off ugly dress. Furthermore, your kids will have no privacy, either. Your whole family's appearance, social attitude, and taste in style will be publicly monitored on the Internet and magazines. I wouldn't want fame because famous people's lives are open to the world.

        Another reason why being famous is not my goal, is because famous people are more able to attach to addictions. Due to too much pressure, stars usually decide to take "stress-relievers." These deadly addictions may be drugs or alcohol. Haven't you noticed that most popular artists, like Michael Jackson, pass away young? I would want to live my life to its fullest and best. I wouldn't want fame because overwhelming stress and popularity may cause you to seek dangerous addictions.

        Thirdly, I wouldn't want fame because you are judged publicly. For example, you are a known star, like Kim Kardashian, and you decide to hit the streets with comfy sweats. Soon, you are spotted and your "status of taste" just dropped. This is because there are people out there whose jobs are to entertain people with juicy gossip about famous people. You will be criticized and compared to other stars like a rag doll. Your "fashion disasters" and relationships will be all over the Internet. People should have the justly right to live their lives- learning through mistakes and hardships- without being judged. I wouldn't fame because famous people are ranked by every bad and good thing they've done.

         All in all, fame is not so advantageous. It may have its goods of being admired and looked up to, but people should live humble lives instead. I don't want fame because famous people live open lives where they are more likely to lose to temptations and cling to addictions. They are criticized and judged. Their jobs should be saved for the strong and talented who shine in the spotlight. For me, a nice easy life sounds better.