One of uScribe’s mission is to allow it’s students the unique opportunity to publish their work online. Allowing for student’s work to be published online has always been a core principle of uScribe, to empower it’s students with the ability to showcase their writing skills and unique voices onto a online platform viewed by hundreds of users everyday. The publication process requires submitting an original piece of work, peer revision through our team of editors, and creation of multiple drafts until they meet a standard of quality. The articles presented below are the best articles handpicked by our editors and are all the work of students in the LifeStyle Genre.


The Importance of Summer

Summer is the time of year when students get the time to relax and escape from the stressful life of school. This three month period can allow students to rejuvenate their mental health in many different ways and explore unique opportunities. How important is Summer to a child's development and how do normal teenagers spend this time?

Elaine Lu, 7th Grader || 11.17.18


Fighting Obesity in Schools

One of the greatest health challenges America faces in the 21st century is obesity. With all the fast food restaurants available to the average American and advancements in technology that has made contributed to this epidemic, how can we combat this issue? The answer may lie in our education system, and helping our youth learn healthy habits at a young age.

Anonymous || 11.12.18


Books: A Timeless Sleeping Giant

In an age of the internet and social media, books are seldomly read among today’s youth. However, books offer many beneficial things to kids that more popular forms of media cannot provide. What are the benefits of reading books, and how could we greatly benefit from them over more traditional forms of media?

Ram Beri, 8th Grader || 11.11.18


The Pencil: The Greatest Invention In Mankind

Have you ever wanted to produce magic and limitless possibilities? What if I told you that all the world's greatest inventions and discoveries were aided by this tool. The pencil! But what make the pencil so important to humanity, and why will it always remain relevant with the emergence of better forms of technology?

Scott Phu, 10th Grader || 11.07.18


The Parallels of Being Famous

Most inspiring young people dream of the luxuries of being famous. Seeing the flashing cameras as they strut the runway of the red carpet, and reading the endless news articles about them is a fantasy for all. However, being famous also negatively impacts and changes one’s life in unpredictable ways. What are these changes, and is being famous really worth it?

Anonymous || 11.03.18


Common Core

Common core is the widely recognized school program that emphasizes developing important skills such as critical thinking. It’s unique approach and curriculum to foster life skills in students is one of its core principles. Learn more about what common core is and how it is affecting the lives of many students.

Vivian Chen, 12th Grader || 10.29.18


How my Trip to Turkey Change my Life

Exploring new countries is widely regard too as one of the best ways to see other people’s lifestyles and encounter unique eye opening experiences. In this article, we explore how one student’s visit to Turkey changed his life forever.


Roger Federer: The King of Tennis

Roger Federer is considered the most elusive and efficient tennis machine of this era. In the past elongated 14 years Roger Federer has won a total of 17 grand slams, a feat that no heroic tennis player has been able to accomplish and attained world no.1 ranking for 4 straight years (2004-2008). What makes this man so remarkable, and how has he impacted the world of Tennis in a way that extends way beyond the sport.

Joshua Hu, 8th Grader || 10.16.18


Life is Anybody’s Game

Life is a competition. Throughout history, human beings have given their efforts to equalize this competition by removing all prejudices, especially here in America, which is considered the “land of opportunity” by many immigrants. Segregation is gone. Slavery disappeared. Now, people know they can reach for success by their own will without any obstacles in their way. a

Alex Xu, 11th Grader || 10.04.18


The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the notorious day of love and affections, where we appreciate our love ones and celebrate them. However, what are the origins of this day, and what deeper meaning does this day really have?

Brian Ai, 7th Grader || 9.22.18


The Solution to Bullying

Bullying is one of the greatest issues in schools our youth faces today. However, this complicated problem actually has 3 simple solutions that could help to drastically reduce this issue. What are these solutions, and how could they greatly reduce a worldwide epidemic?

Brendon Chou, 9th Grader || 9.17.18


Discovering the True Meaning of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day is a illustrious day spent eating extravagant foods with family around a big T.V screen as we watch the latest football game going on. However, one of our students spent this day volunteering for the homeless, and truly finding the meaning of thanksgiving. Learn more about this student’s life changing experiencing, and finding the meaning of being thankful.

Jacilia Lin, 10th Grader || 9.12.18


The Key Components of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Success

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the most extravagant and best players of his era. In the past 15 years Ronaldo has won a total of 5 Ballon D'Ors, an award given to the best player of that year, and 5 champions league. What makes this international sport icon so successful, and how have these principles shaped him from a poor skinny Portuguese boy to the extraordinary man he is today.

Jacilia Lin, 8th Grader || 9.08.18


The Life of Thomas Edison

Perhaps one of the most important man of the 19th century, Thomas Edison changed the modern world forever. His lasting inventions stood the test of time, as his notorious light bulb is used in almost every house in the world today. Who was this man, and how did his rural childhood and work change the world?

Scott Phu, 10th Grader || 9.01.18


Sun Tzu: A Visionary

Sun Tzu is the notorious Chinese man who is widely regarded across the world as the greatest military leader in the history of humanity. Who was this extremely efficient leader, and how did his unique strategies help bring down entire countries and regimes throughout his lifetime.

Brendon Chou, 9th Grader || 9.01.18