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Nike Vs Adidas

Perhaps the two greatest sports companies of all time, Nike and Adidas are internationally known for their huge global impacts far beyond the confines of their products. In this article, we will take in account cost, quality of products, global influence, and community outreach in order to decide the ultimate athletics king.

Brendon Chou, 9th Grader || 11.17.18


Weighing College Size Advantages and Disadvantages

The size of a college varies from college to college. A smaller college can benefit students because they can get to their classes quickly. A larger college gives more space to students, but the time a student takes to get to his/her class is longer. In this article, we will compare the effects of different college sizes in order to determine the one that allows for the most educational growth.

Scott Phu, 10th Grader || 11.13.18


Should Endangered Animals Receive More Protection?

There are a lot of endangered animals out there in the world. Is it right for humans to leave them to die off? Endangered animals shouldn’t be left to fend for themselves, and humans should take responsibility and care for them.

Brian Ai, 7th Grade || 11.9.18


Zoos: A Question of Moral Integrity

Imagine being trapped in a cage for the rest of your life, being stared at all day and being taken away from family. This is the life zoo animals have to go through. When zoos humiliate animals and tear them from their families it isn’t right. Zoos aren’t ethical and should be shut down.  

Christina To, 11th Grade || 11.6.18


Physical Education in Schools

Physical education is an integral part of a students life that is essential to their development into responsible adults. The benefits of lifelong fitness, sexual education, and awareness of healthy foods are intangible skills far outweigh the benefits of gaining an extra class period.

Abraham Niu, 12 Grade || 10.31.18


Dangerous Substances in School Labs

Many schools these days have put many limitations on the substances allowed for use in lab experiments. This makes these experiments quite impractical at times, although it is safer to use. I believe that school should allow dangerous substances in school labs because it is a more interactive way of teaching curriculum which will enhance the student’s learning experience and safety skills in a more realistic setting.

Anonymous || 10.24.18


Should Books Stay Paper or Digital?

Books have entertained, taught, and opened new worlds to people of all generations. But with the introduction of technology and the internet, books are now directly available to the consumer by ebooks, pdfs, and epubs. Many have taken the new way of reading and accepted it while others still read paper books and enjoy it better. The best choice for books are physical books rather than digital books.

Nicole Lee, 11th Grade || 10.23.18


The Internet as We Know it

The Internet is the most influential invention in all of mankind. But what is it about this seemingly simple concept that makes us use it and just how much is it affecting our lives? In this article, we will explore the importance of the internet, and dissect how it is such an integral part of our society.

Anonymous || 10.21.18


A Review of Extraterrestrial Existence

One of the greatest debates of the science world is the possibility of aliens existing. The signs of their existence in the universe and communication with us on Earth is almost unprecedented with the countless UFO sightings and reports. But are these evidence just mere hoaxes, or do aliens really exist?

Alvin Ton, 9th Grade || 10.17.18


Four or Five Day School Week?

One of the greatest debates of the education world is the length of each school week, and whether it should be increased or decreased. The length of the school week at the moment should remain the same as it give us more time to do our own extracurricular activities, after-school programs, and childcare.

Vivian Chan, 12th Grade || 10.10.18


Should Teachers be Allowed to Use Phones in Class?

Lead by Example. If teachers are allowed the privilege of using phones in class, they are encouraging their student that it is ok to learn while being distracted. In order for students to truly learn, they must be put in a distraction free environment that will allow them the space and room to develop. Therefore, teachers should not be allowed to use cellphones during class.

Victor Huang, 12th Grade || 10.6.18


A Hypothetical World

Can you imagine going through a time machine and zipping into the future to help save humanity? I have decided that I would do at least three thing to help the future generation and mine. I would want to help them remember their past, bring back technology and knowledge from the future, and meet new people and animals that have since evolved.

Nicole Cavallarin, 11th Grader || 9.26.18


Music Players in Class Settings

Earphones in, volume up, pages turning, pencil tapping. This student is listening to music while they study. Everything is quiet. Does this action disrupt the class around them, or the student’s studies themselves? Is the music somehow distracting or negative towards the others, or themselves? I believe that students should be allowed to listen music on headphones during classes for these reasons.

Roger Lin, 9th Grader || 9.19.18


Game Review: DotA vs. League of Legends

The Rolling Stones or the Beatles? Soup or salad? League of Legends or Dota 2? These are the three most important decisions any person makes in their entire lifetime. Both of games are excellent in their own rights, but the developers behind them have each taken different approaches to make their game the best. I think League of Legends is better because of its gameplay, better characters, and value.

Hugh Cheon, 8th Grader || 9.16.18


A Review of Common Core and System Changes

While common core has been long established into the educational system and focuses on developing a child’s critical thinking skills, it has been heavily criticized by many for it’s complicated methodology. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of common core from the perspective of a student, in order to deduce

Jacilia Lin, 10th Grader || 9.9.18