A Hypothetical World

Nicole Cavallarin, 11th Grade || 9/26/18


    Can you imagine going through a time machine and zipping into the future to help save humanity? Have any of you given this question some thought? Well, I have sat on the couch and thought about this one absurdly insane question. I have decided that I would do at least three thing to help the future generation and mine. I would want to help them remember their past, bring back technology and knowledge from the future, and meet new people and animals that have since evolved. The main objective is not to help myself but also to help people in the future.

    Lets walk through an imaginary play. I walked into my History classroom and my History teacher tells me to flip to the section on the great empire of Ghana. I soon realize that there isn’t any information on how this great empire started out. I raise my hand politely and ask why there is no information on the beginning of the empire. She answers with a unsatisfying, “Well, nobody really knows how it started out but we do have theories on how it got to be so powerful.” Her face frowns as she knows that it is disappointing to not know. Imagine going one thousand years into the future and discovering that they know nothing about your generation. This would be both humiliating and very pitiful for them. I would teach them about my generation and generations before that. I would not only go to the future to help myself but would also go to help them remember and treasure their humble beginnings.

    The second thing I would do in the future is gather all the information I can get a hold of and try to help my people. Some diseases like cancer cannot be cured but with more knowledge about the human body we can tackle these problems. In the future there will be much better and more powerful medicines that we can use to overcome diseases that will eventually happen.

    Right now we do not know much about what is outside of our planet. Have you ever wondered what lies out there? Well a lot of this we theorize and fantasize about as we do not have a clear understanding of outside our frontier. We do know that there are other planets out there, but we have no idea if there is any other life forms on those planets or galaxies. Having gained new understandings from the future, it will surely help us be prepared for all the challenges to come. With the new knowledge we can make better tools and use advanced technology to overcome any hurdles that come our way. I would bring back better tools and, most of all, the knowledge that we could use to find out about the planets around us. With faster computers and more information, we could learn faster and more efficiently. I would go back to the present to not only help them with what we know as of today, but to also help my generation tackle problems that are still to occur, having gained the insight and the solutions from the future.

    The last thing I would do, would take the longest amount of time. I could meet animals that have evolved and meet other people from other planets. This would not only be thrilling but it might help us understand how new animals evolve. It would also be really cool to have a friend from another time period who could show me around. I am all about socializing and making new friends, so this is the perfect interest for me. We could send each other letters and he could show me around the whole time period. I could learn about people from different planets, galaxies, and about where and how they existed. I could also teach my friend about my generation and what the world was like before.

    If I was able to travel back in time to get knowledge, I would consider it my own responsibility. Imagine how great it would be for a renowned scientist coming back to help his generation with new information. If I was to go into the future, I would get the technology needed to help out our generation and also do things that I would enjoy. I would meet other species that have evolved and other humans that are smarter and have them show me around the time period. Today, I think that it is frustrating that I do not know the answers to questions about our history. That is why I would help the people in the future to learn about their past from the knowledge I know of my present generation. I would come back, a glorified hero with news for my generation. Well, I guess that is what I would do if I could go to the future in a time machine. What would you do?