Music Players In Class

Roger Lin, 9th Grader I 9/16/18


      Earphones in, volume up, pages turning, pencil tapping. This student is listening to music while they study. Everything is quiet. Does this action disrupt the class around them, or the student’s studies themselves? Is the music somehow distracting or negative towards the others, or themselves? I believe that students should be allowed to listen to MP3 players on headphones/earphones during study hall for these reasons.

     In this study hall, all you can hear are pages flipping, pencils writing, and the occasional hum of happy scholars. If there’s a bit of noise, no problem. Our student is not at all disrupted, and is happily focused on their school work. The unnecessary noise of the class is blocked out by the music. Therefore, they are not phased by anonymous sniffs and giggles.

     Although the student is enjoying their music, could it bothering their classmates around them? Do those pencils tap in annoyance because of their peer’s heavy metal screaming or 80’s pop? Nope. In fact, they don’t hear a thing. The student is independently listening to their playlist through earbuds. Not only is their hearing space silent, but they too can enjoy some music, through their own earbuds, headphones, etc.

     The student plays an alternative rock instrumental, and gets hyped and energized for whatever they plan to do next. A slam of a textbook, flipping of pages, and a scritch of a pencil, the bright and encouraged student is jotting down cornell notes with rhythm. Enjoying the learning process is an important part of life, if you aren’t willing to study, you most likely won’t get anywhere. The fact you may choose your own music is also exciting, and everyone gets to suit their own taste to their homework. Being keen on education is also something teachers like to see in their students.

     Music. Isolated through wires of technology today, repetitive rhythm flows into ears of a scholar. Not disrupting the class. Not annoying. Helpful. Students should be able to listen to music during class through earphones.