Physical Education in Schools

Abraham Niu, 12th Grader I 10/31/18


     Love it or hate it, Physical Education has always been a part of our everyday school lives.  Whether it is sports, running, or health, PE has always been a class of activeness and athleticness.   Some feel that when their PE grade counts towards their grades, it adds too much pressure to perform well.  And when they underperform, their grades are going to significantly lowered. Though PE classes can negatively viewed sometimes, they actually play a large, positive part in schools, and as such, should be counted in a student’s GPA.

     Having PE grades count towards a student’s GPA can keep a students engaged and responsible in their Physical Education classes. When something isn’t graded, or doesn’t count for something, students often lose effort and begin to not try to turn in assignments in class. This, in turn, will lead to students slacking off during class.  In a physical education class, lack of effort can result in students not getting optimal exercise and losing interest in physical activity in general. With Physical Education being such an important aspect in today’s concerns for health and obesity, it is vital to keep exercise and being active relevant and important to students.

     Students who may not have such good grades in other subjects can put in the effort to keep their PE grades up, therefore helping their GPA.  Assignments in PE are mostly based on participation and health assignments, so those who work hard to boost their PE grade will be able to with enough effort .  People who care about their grades will certainly put in the energy to try as hard as they can in their classes. PE grades can have a positive impact overall on one’s grades and should continue to.

     in addition, PE is actually a complement to other educational classes.  Exercise can be a very effective stress reliever and can give students some time off thinking about their other classes.  As pupils progress through school levels, there needs to be a class period of concentrating on something other than “pure academics.”  PE may not be a purely academic class, but it is a help to students, who may get too caught up in their other classes. As mentioned before, having PE count towards a student’s GPA will increase their responsibility in class, proving to be a positive cycle.

     An argument against having PE count towards grades is that kids who are naturally not able to perform well in gym/PE will receive a failing grades.  While there are assessments that are based on your athletic ability in some areas, they are usually based off improvement. As long as you try to work hard and improve your athletic score in that area, you will be able to at least maintain am A.  As mentioned before, athletic ability is not the only determining factor in PE grades. The teachers and classes are designed to improve student’s lives and their future.

     Physical Education is most definitely not be the class for everybody.   However, “Phys ed” certainly plays a huge part in student’s lives, be it helping them in their GPA, improving their lifestyle, or just giving them some time to let off steam. So, the next time you are running, dribbling, or running from a dodgeball, remember, the class is actually helping you in your grades and beyond, instead of hurting you.