The Exploration of Extraterrestrial Life

Alvin Ton, 9th Grader I 10/17/18


        Earth, a peaceful blue planet that orbits around the sun. It is the only planet that can sustain life in this Universe, or so it is thought to be the only planet that can do so. What if there was another planet out there with another life form? This might be possible due to unexplanatory events that have been happening throughout history. One of those events occurred in LA when an unidentified object with a circular shape and  weird lights hovered over the mountains. This caused militants to become trigger happy; a few projectiles were shot at the aircraft. All of the projectiles missed, and the aircraft was never seen again. The cause of this event might have been caused by aliens, or it might have been an hallucination.

        An area in Nevada has been prohibited to residents due to housing secret information. The name of this place is called Area 51; it is said that a few unidentified flying objects have landed there. Most of the area is prohibited to people due to the protected info. Area 51 is proof that there might be another life form out there that have not been discovered yet. One may argue that these occurrences in Area 51 are just rumors that were spread because of its prohibition. This argument, although logical, doesn’t really fit because of the many sightings near that area. Area 51 wouldn’t be heavily guarded if there isn’t anything top secret going on there. An experiment may be held there on aliens. The mystery of Area 51 is a mystery that gives suspicion of another life form out there besides humans.

        Sightings of  weird objects in space have been occurring too; making aliens more likely to exist. One of the most recent sightings was photographed by the Spirit Rover on Mars. It shows of three objects that appear to have joints like the humans. Many may say that it is just an illusion, and the eyes are just playing a trick on the viewers, but the many sightings of strange things on Mars has been occurring ever since mankind was able to explore space. It is true human brains do sometimes imagine faces on objects that aren’t there, but sometimes those faces or patterns aren’t just a coincidence. Many face- like structures have been sighted on the surface of Mars one of which being a smiley face. This image on Mars may have been created by a natural phenomenon as many would think. There is a chance of the image or face being  naturally created, but what is the chance of something looking that close to a smiley face being naturally created? Chances are it would be low, and most likely another life form was the cause of the faces we see on Mars.

        The universe is vast and wide. Many things have yet to be discovered, and some things have been discovered. Due to the fact of the vastness the universe ; there are many things out there that are left undiscovered. Another life form may be lurking around just outside of Earth, or it could be lurking a few light years away. Either way the chances of another planet containing life form is very likely. Some planets have plenty of water, but sunlight is not enough or there is too much. Having another planet out there with similar characteristics as earth is not impossible to think about. One may say that Earth’s location is just right, and another planet out there with similar characteristics is unlikely. Although this is true, it is not impossible for another organism to develop elsewhere and adapt to the environment they were put upon. The universe is vast, and chances are another life form exists alongside the creatures of earth.

        The cause of the event that occurred in LA in 1942 is most likely the cause of aliens. It is not likely a hallucination because many people have sighted a mysterious flying object that day. Many sightings of aliens have occurred throughout history, and because of these sightings aliens probably exist.