The Key Components of Test Taking

Helen Chang 10th Grader || 9.21.18


      So, you have a big final coming up and you are determined to get a good score this time. What are some good ways to prepare for a test? Here are some good tips and tricks to make sure you ace that exam.

      First and foremost, set a goal. Set a reasonable one that you can reach, depending on the subject and how well you are doing in that class. Paying attention in class is one of the most important things to do: take notes on the lecture and try to participate in class as most as possible. And of course always do your homework. Don’t forget to plan your time wisely or you will procrastinate.

      Secondly, make sure that you know the material well. If the subject is particularly hard on you then spend a little more time on it. Go over previous worksheets, and look over old quizzes and tests. Always stay organized with your paper work and study guides. Ask for help from the teacher if you still have a hard understanding of the concepts.

      Always have a suitable place to study.  Somewhere quiet and that doesn’t have many distractions. Find a good place where you can concentrate and focus. If you know the chapter is hard, don’t just try to study the day before the test, try to study whenever you can. That way you can focus on certain sections of the material. If you have done all these steps you should be confident enough for a good score.

      The day of the test, read each question thoroughly and don’t take too long on a certain question. Remember to focus and remember what you studied so hard for! Always double check your answers before turning in the test, to catch any of the little mistakes. One last important thing to remember: make sure you have enough sleep the day before the test. A good nine hours of sleep can help you concentrate and less prone to errors than having only five hours of sleep because you tried to cram in all the studying.