Alcohol: Dream or Nightmare?

Brendon Chou, 9th Grader || 9.7.18


     Everyone knows what alcohol is. It can be found in everyday beers, wines, and whiskey. However, is this substance our pride or shame in society? Alcohol has its positive and negative effects, and every state has its minimum age limit on drinking.

    Alcohol has been proven to actually have positive effects on our health. It can cause people to get livelier, easier, and relaxed; they tend to talk more and feel less tired. Researchers state that alcohol use can protect against cardiovascular diseases, given that men and women drink moderately only. Alcohol also allows for employment in the production of drinks, and some people claim that alcohol encourages people to socialize.

    Overuse of alcohol causes many negative impacts on our lives. Excessive use increases the risk of many diseases related to the digestive system, larynx, breasts, and heart. Sexual problems and sleeping disorders are also damaging effects, as well as car accidents in traffic. Alcohol causes many disorders on a child while the mother is still pregnant, possibly causing mental retardation or physical misshapes. Aggression is a common behavior that can occur under the influence of alcohol, causing violence. Other consequences include loss of jobs and irresponsibility in caring for children.

    In my opinion, not only drinking endangers our health, but can it bring up social problems as well. Drinking can impact our growing up physically. First of all, excessive drinking can harm our nerve system and long term drinking can make our vision, audition insensitive. Secondly, it may damage our memory and abstract teenagers' attention resulting in drowsiness and even in illusion. Particularly, acute ebrietas would heavily affect respiration center and even cause death. Furthermore, our personalities and emotions can be influenced by drinking more or less, which leads people to easily get mad and stubborn. Based on what has been discussed, it's crucial that juvenile drinking be prohibited.

    The legal age requirement in California, U.S. to possess or consume alcohol in public places is 21. In my opinion, I personally believe that the age requirement is too low. Young adults at that age are much too irresponsible to use alcohol in a beneficial way. However, if the age requirement were too be lower, the government might possibly be able to control the sale of alcohol more effectively. I think the age requirement should be increased to maximize the safety among young adults.