Side Effects Of The Internet

Anonymous || 11.08.18


      Have you ever been texting while walking, and you tripped or bumped into a pole? Apparently, using the internet for too long can lower your senses, making it harder for you to notice the events surrounding you. The internet may make you smarter, but it still has it’s negative sides. Our generation should limit the time they spend on the internet to prevent being antisocial, developing personality disorders, and receiving a lower attention span.

      Constantly using the internet can make you isolate yourself, causing you to be antisocial. Since you are always on the internet you don’t have enough time to practice speech. It can be hard for you to participate in a conversation or speak in front of large crowds. You most likely won’t have any friends after being so used to using the keyboard instead of your voice. If you would like to enjoy a lively youthhood you shouldn’t be on the internet frequently. People who use the internet are usually always indoors so you don’t have enough time to make friends.

      Frequently using the internet can also make a person develop a personality disorder. People who usually use social networks tend to confuse themselves and those around them by acting how they would be on the internet. This means changing their personality with their internet representation. People get too used to how they picture themselves on the internet and “become” that person. Since they have two personalities it can cause uncertainty to how they react to certain events. This is how the internet can affect a person psychologically.

      The internet can also lower your attention span, making it dangerous for everyone. Lowering your attention span can make you not notice events going around you as fast as you used to. Take a car accident for example: a person could be walking down the street, holding their phone, and then they decide to cross the street not noticing a car moving fast down the street. The outcome is the person getting injured and the car driver as well. Not keeping track of the events around you can seriously get you into trouble. Low senses can also make a person spacey. They can react slowly to all sorts of events. This can make a person seem not as intelligent as they really are.

      Even though the internet can be beneficial in a way, there are still many reasons why the internet is bad for the mind. Using the internet too frequently can harm the mind by making you anti social, develop mental disorders, and making your senses lower. Our society should limit the time they spend online before we become a generation of people that have bad coordination, cannot identify who they really are, and isolate themselves.