The Importance Of Computers

Jacky Chen, 9th Grader || 10.13.18


      Have you ever had to do a book report but really never wanted to read the book? Or have you ever wanted to learn something but didn't want to go through the trouble of using books or magazines? Ever since the invention of computers, people around the world use the computer for work, games, or school work. They can also be used for sending instant messages to people from areas that are far from where we are. Ever since they were invented in 1936 by a man named Konrad Zuse, computers can be used for a various amount of things and will influence how others work.

      So when you’ve “tried” to read a book for a report or project, have you ever got lost or thought it wasn’t as interesting? The computer can not only give you more than one source of info, but as well as visual and audible information. As we know one book contains only a certain amount of information. The computer contains all of that plus pictures as well. So when you’re in the library or going through an encyclopedia, it feels kind of endless. Once you get on the internet, you just get on and go. They can also give some magazines and newspaper article for even a more advanced search.

      For example, say you’re in the U.S. and you want to call someone in Europe. By using the internet, you can contact your family or friends for almost no charge. Using websites like Facebook, we can use those accounts to contact others.

      Last but not least, almost 75% of the computer is used for entertainment. When you’re bored, you end up looking at the computer and something triggers. You rush to it and start doing something. People enjoy using their free time on the internet whether it’s for games, videos, music, news, shows, surfing the web, etc. Everyone, at least once in their life, have probably used the computer for something related to entertainment. It not only benefits the company’s (if they make money) but helps you use your time. Yes, some people do read, but do use the internet at least for something. Plus it’s a good excuse if your parents are saying, “Do something productive with your life.” Nobody likes doing nothing, and this is a great way to use that break.

      In conclusion, the computer is great for several reasons. It helps receive information faster and as a variety of choices. We can use it to contact people from other countries or states without the need of instructions and back pain (because people really spend quality family time on the phone). Finally, we can use it for games or our entertainment to make us do something or look like we are doing something productive. So we could say that the computer could be one of the most important invention yet.