The Internet: An Alternate Reality

Nicole Cavallarin, 11th Grader || 10.09.18


      People usually go on the internet for entertainment and news, but they ask themselves this one question: why do most of us go on the internet?  For the majority of people, the internet is the most precious thing in the world, and it is gaining popularity due to the increasing amount of people going online. Because of the common appearance of computers in electronic media shops, popularity is increasing. People also tend to join bandwagons with friends, and they find themselves unable to escape the “magnetic attraction” of the internet. But how is it that he internet became so popular when it hasn’t even been around for very long?

      Daily activities can be done on the internet; it allows people to completely tasks without handling them manually. Parents who use the internet can stay home while still earning money. Older people can take care of their children; they can prevent their young ones from acting like maniacal monkeys, by stopping them from destroying the furniture, and keeping them in order. Something else the children could participate in are school related activities such as typing or filling out assignments, and they could take care of minor matters that otherwise had to done in person. I would usually need my parents to assist me with something, and if it wasn’t for the internet, I would have to do some of those things myself, which could end up disastrously. Workers are also provided the ability to make appointments online, which is more convenient for both parties.

      The internet also allows for easier communication with friends and family. People don’t have meet in person, but instead they can converse online. The introduction to social media has drawn many people into posting what they are doing in real life and online, thus opening a door to a variety of things- from allowing people to checking up on their best friends to checking what’s new around the area. Social media and online games provides fun and entertainment for users as well, thus keeping people occupied and helping them relax. People online can be benevolent as well, flipping the mood switch. This could also lead to finding new friends online, and with new friends, you be more likely to be social, boosting your confidence.

      The internet is mostly known for its video games; there is an endless amount of entertainment popular amongst people today. I play video games myself, and I can’t deny- it can get extremely addicting. Be careful because you could end up spending your next winter break glued to your computer screen without knowing. Video games are made to entertain, and it does its job very well, leading to the success of many games. For example, Minecraft has sold over 10 million copies and is definitely going to sell more in the time to come. League of Legend is another popular game, and it is programmed to hold its audience’s attention. Popularity is known to vary a lot in a short amount of time, and so who knows? The popularity of the internet could be led by another aspect on the endless world of the web.

      The internet has come a long way, and with the amount of people that use it, the internet still has a long life to live, with more visitors coming. The internet has many appealing aspects, including its well-known purpose of entertainment and the endless number of games -ranging from educational games to recreational war games. The internet has been one of the biggest parts many people’s lives. Finding new friends is beneficial, and hanging out with old friends has never been easier. Entertainment online is enjoyable, but could end up disastrous if you don’t prioritise, and the internet could assist multi-taskers at home. The internet is a completely different world that opens opportunities for everyone.